September 27, 2010

I come from...

This is a poem Mika wrote for school today. She was given the phrase "I come from" and told to include things in her home, yard and neighborhood, as well as relatives, things people told her and foods. This is her second draft. I'm sure you'll agree it's just brilliant.

I come from

I come from soft, blue and brown couches.
I come from soft fragranced pillows lining the couch.
I come from a huge palm tree shading my eyes.
I come from a Chinese maple tree.
I come from a warm hug from a sunset hammock.
I come from looking out the window and seeing trees, cars and beautiful birds swooping down.
I come from a mom, sweet and loving.
I come from a dad, jolly and fine.
I come from a sister, funny and jumpy.
I come from "I love you", "go away, "give me, give me", "keep trying", "muy bien Mika".
I come from supple and tender squash soup, leafy green salad with buttermilk ranch.
I come from scrapbook, shiny brown frames with moments that can't be replaced.

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September 20, 2010

Hiking at Chabot

Found this tarantula on the hike up the hill to Lake Chabot.

Checking out the spillway into San Leandro Creek.

A little tree climbing

A peaceful time at Lake Chabot's shoreline

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