December 20, 2009

Fun days and a walk in the park

Face painting at a local school

Gaming day at the local library

Camila during tumbling class (photo by Mika)

At the Northern California premier of Squeakquel (photo by Mika)

Camila showing affection to the rapidly growing kitten (photo by Mika)

Mika shows off her find during a walk through the redwoods

Mika next to the tree where she said she wants a coat made of tree moss

Camila at the end of the walk through the redwoods

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December 4, 2009

Mika's first (?) story

Mika wrote this story yesterday. I think it's quite good. I'm providing the punctuation in parenthesis for easier reading.

A Job

One day I needed like a 100 bucks but didn't know how to earn it. But then it came to me. I had to get a job(,) I wanted to baby site(.) I wanted to baby site the most crazy girl on our block(,) Nancy Higinstire. She is crasy(.) She is so crazy that she eats paper! I know(,) I know(,) I'm kind of weird. Hey(,) I know what I'll do "I'LL DO IT(.)"

So I did(.) I walked right over(,) I knocked (and) said(, ")do you need babysiting tonight(?".) He said (")yes(,) I do(,) thank you very much(.) I'll pay you 100 dollars to babysite her(.) She is very crazy!(")

(")Ok(,) i said(, ")I'll do it. Thank you very much(").

So when I walked in there she was(,) stuck to the sealing with (caramel) because she got it out of the kitchen again. I (said ")this will be hard(") and it was. First she tried to poop in the sink and wash in the toilet(.) I(t) was dis(g)usting.

I did not like my job but still(,) I got 100 dollars.i needed the money for a flat screen tv she wanted. so i told her id get it. when i got homesat down to rest just when i was getting comfy the phone rang

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December 3, 2009

Christmas preparations

Yesterday the girls and I made gingerbread houses from a "Gingerbread mini village kit" that we bought at target. The kit came with 5 small houses, rather than one big one, and I think it was perfect for the girls - as they would have fought like cats and dogs if they'd had to decorate the same house AND they would have probably not finished. As it was, Camila had only enough patience to do two houses, and Mika one. Their creations are below, Camila decided to follow the pictures on the box while Mika chose to let her own imagination guide her.

Camila's houses:


MIka's house:


Last night, after Mike came home from work, we went to the Xmas tree lot that opened up at the closed car dealership around the block and picked up a Xmas tree. Mike carried it home on his shoulders (I think he's still sore!). Today we decorated it, though by "we" I really mean "me" - Mika had no interest (she got her own tree a couple of days ago) and Camila found other things to do. In any case, here is the result:


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Camila's letter to Santa

Dear Santa:

My name is Camila, I’m 4 3/4 years old and I have been a good girl. This is what I want for Christmas:

- A baby doll
- A pretend horse
- Pictures of you
- Barbies

Thank you Santa.

I love you Santa. Give me pictures of your reindeer. Give me a picture of Rudolph.

I love your reindeer.


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December 2, 2009


today and yesterday i decorated my beutiful house tada .i had stuffed xmas animals,my very own xmas tree, and bunch things that look like lights.

BYE BYE see yal

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today i got out of school 2 hours early . then when i got home i had this big struggle with my cat indi.i wun. now im bloging see. now im going to make ginger bread houses. see ya bye.

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December 1, 2009

what do i love

i love cleaning decorating but most of all my family.

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my xmas list

i just wrote my 1st christmas list. with a bunch of stuff. this is what i wrote dear santa i want a ds bikini size twelve a book that will teach me how to write hierogyphs and a very marry xmas.

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