August 22, 2007

In the stroller

A couple of days ago Mika had an upset stomach. She woke up during the night and threw up several times (we slept through it :(. She was a bit bitter during the day, but way tired. We went to Zocalo, where she laid down to sleep on the stroller. It looks so uncomfortable. Later, when she woke up, I convinced her to lie on the couches - and she slept for another hour.

Mika in the stroller


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August 20, 2007

Mika as a baby

I didn't really keep baby albums for my two kids - this place sort of makes up for that - but when Mika was a baby my mother sort of started one for her. She didn't write much, but the kids got into it and destroyed the little that was there. So I figured I'd copy it here so it can remain for posterity (or at least until the server crashes).

Your first babysitters were Joy & Doug

Strangers who stopped to admire you said these things about you:

"she looks like the gerber baby"
"she's the cutest baby I ever saw"
"she's so big"

Your very first baby was at 3 weeks bathed by daddy

You loved this new sensation

Once you got used to them baths usually made you feel relaxed and playful.

you would not, could not go to bed, without your bottle and company

Your first summer holiday was 4th of July celebrated at Joy's house

Autumn holidays: halloween and thanksgiving

Winter holidays: Xmas and New Years

Ninth months check-up: crawled all over the office, cried at the vaccines

You discovered your hands at two months

You discovered your feet at 5 months

You found the comfort of your thumbs or pacifier all by yourself: at 4 months you left the pacifier and put your hand in your mouth.

you first grabbed for a toy around 5 months old.

You were so busy learning about the world! Your other discoveries:

How to move pushing with your legs (5 months)
how to turn around (5 months)
to smile (3 months)
play with toys (5 months)

You began eating solid food at 5 months

The baby foods you most enjoy were: you were indifferent to carrots, apple and rice.

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August 18, 2007

Singing at the playground

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August 1, 2007

Mi Mika

Mika continues having transition problems, coming back from nona's house was painful. She spent a good 20 minutes crying for kathy ("my real mamá") before falling asleep on the way back. She does miss Kathy terribly, specially when she's in trouble and/or tired. I'm glad she has another adult she can be so close to.

I think she grows more beautiful every day - but of course, I'm biased. Today we went to get her hearing tested, as with Camila, because she's been complaining she can't hear in her right ear. She failed the test as well, so we're also waiting for a referral for an ear doctor.

She continues to surprise me with the amount of knowledge she has, and her wide interest in the world. She asks "why" a lot, but she really seems to process the information.

Unfortunately, she's heard a lot about Jesus Christ from her friend Sadie and I'm still trying to explain to her about gods and teachers and death. I'm not sure if the information is sinking in, but she's very curious.

Making a "chanchito face"

mika like a chanchito

Isn't she gorgeous?



Saying goodbye to Kathy and nono

hugging kathy


My mother bought her a bunch of beautiful, fancy dresses, she has nowhere to wear. Please do not buy her any more dresses! They are beautiful and she looks darling, but what am I to do with them?

mika in her new dress

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Mi Camila

Camila and Mika just spent two weeks with their maternal grandparents down in LA. They had a wonderful time, and I missed them terribly. They are back home now and back to their usual selves.

Camila continues to be a handful. She loves to play with water (and toothbrushes) and makes a huge mess in the bathroom. She continues to have problems articulating words, I just took her to the Dr. and she failed the hearing test on her right year. Now I'll have to wait weeks for referrals to an ear doctor and a speech therapist. *sigh* She is very affectionate and loves to hug me a lot. She loves to play monster (or dinosaur), coming after me with her hands extended, her hands looking like claws and going "aarrgh". She still loves horseplay.

Who is the cutest girl in the world?

camila smiles.jpg

Saying goodbye to Kathy

camila with kathy

She often has a sad face

camila sitting.jpg

Daddy took them to the aquatic park while I was out for tea.

camila on a beach towell.jpg

camila running.jpg


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