May 20, 2007

Words and Random Pictures

So the kids are growing up. Mika is doing pretty well, all in all, though she still has huge problems with transitions. She's outright rude when she has to interact with a new person (whether she knows them well or not), though eventually she warms up and is her friendly, bubbly self. She is both looking forward to, and apprehensive of kindergarden. Her social skills continue to amaze us, as her ability and desire to take care of all. However, she has began to judge herself in negative ways. The other day she was complaining about how she is always last at running races, she doesn't understand it and doesn't want to do it if she can't be good at it. She has also started to notice when people compliment Camila on how cute she is and not her. She gets very hurt by the idea the Camila could be cuter or Camila could have something cuter than her. I'm somewhat at a loss as to how to deal with these issues.

As for Camila, she is in the controlling phase of her life. She wants to do everything herself "me do it, me do it, me do it", and this can be very annoying specially when we are talking about serving herself milk, putting herself in the car seat or doing things she can't do. When she can't do something she is very specific as to who should do it, and will go into a fit if the wrong person does it. This is becoming very frustrating. Her vocabulary is improving and she can usually communicate quite well, though not always verbally. however, I'm concerned about her lack of correct pronunciation.

Both are pretty happy girls, though Mika has been missing daddy a lot now that he's in Seattle all the time. me too.







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Having fun

I haven't posted pictures in a while, but it doesn't mean that the kids have not been all over the place, having fun in a million ways. In recent weeks they've been to the new water park at the Washington Manor twice, at the Oakland Museum, the Children's Discovery Museum, at the recycling center, at the airplane museum in oakland, and, to top it off, to an amusement park (discovery world) for MOTHER'S DAY (that was my stupid idea).

So here are the pictures of all of these events.


having fun at the water park





The discovery museum is always fun



As is flying planes



You can also be an artist at the Oakland Museum



And pose with garbage at the recycling center


The kids had fun at the Discovery World, or whatever it's called, though not as much as they should have given the expense and effort on our part - and the fact that it was Mother's Day for God's sake. Mika was very grumpy when she couldn't get all she wanted, and she didn't have the patience to wait in line. Camila behaved wonderfully and stayed in her stroller most of the time. I'm glad we went, but we won't be hurrying back.





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