April 22, 2007


Last year I took the kids to the Day of the Death celebration at the Oakland Museum. Five months later I'd forgotten all about it. Then a couple of days ago Mika asks "are you going to write that paper for Gladys like you did for that other man?". I had no idea what she was talking about. Then she reminded me that when we went to the Oakland Museum there was a large exhibit, where, I think, you could write a short note for the souls of the dead. I have *no idea* to whom I did that. My grandfather, perhaps, given that Mika remembered it was a man. I vaguely remember the exhibit at all. But she remembered, and she realized it was for the dead, and that Gladys is now among them. Her perceptions - as well as her memory and how she processes things - astounds me.

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April 15, 2007

Michaela's 5th birthday party

Michaela had her 5th birthday party yesterday - a couple of weeks after her birthday 'cause we screwed up and didn't send the invites on time. It worked well, however, as I had time to clean the house. For her actual birthday day we went to the Ice Creamery in Castro Valley. Carol, Ethan & Ricky & the kids and Diana & her kids came along as well. We all had food and ice cream and the kids had a blast.

This birthday party started more mellow (we didn't take pictures so I figure I'll write it up for posterity). It was a teddy bear tea party so all her friends came with their stuffed animals. We set up the coffee table with a nice lace tablecloth (one of Gladys' - Kathy says Gladys would have liked Mika using it for her own tea party), paper placemats and plastic tea cups & saucers. We served mini food (mini p&J sandwiches, mini cookies, mini oreos, mini ritz crackers, baby carrots and HUGE strawberries - the kids were very amused by how big the strawberries were) and chocolate milk out of plastic teapots. The kids spent quite a bit of time eating, very quietly, to the point that my friend Daniela said this was the mellowest party she'd attended.

Then all the fun started and all the kids started to play. They chased each other through the house, the climbed on the bunk beds, and God knows what else they did, but they sounded very loud and happy. Just put a bunch of kids together and they'll have fun.

One little boy, however, was very sad when his mom left. We tried to entice him with boy stuff, but we didn't have much of it. Mika offered him something Batman, but when she went to look for it she couldn't find anything, so she drew him a picture of Batman and brought it to him. He was not convinced. She tried to explain that this, indeed, was Batman, but the little boy kept saying he missed his mommy. So Mika went to her room and came back with a picture of his mommy! Later, when that didn't seem to satisfy him, she went ahead and drew a picture of his other mommy. I have such a cool kid.

Later on she showed how full of herself she is when Kathy told her how lucky she was that she got so many presents. Mika answered "I'm not lucky, they are lucky they could give me presents". What am I going to do with this child?

To everyone who reads this who was lucky enough to give her a present ;), thank you so much for them. We may, one day, get to actually write thank you cards but I doubt it.

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April 1, 2007


eats ice cream


loves to swing in her little structure




and touches goats


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Mika will


Mika climbing

and climb


Mika will dig

Mika digging

Mika will eat

Mika eating

and Mika will run


Mika will draw

heart drawing

and draw

girls drawing

even her insides


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