January 24, 2007

Dancing girls

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A girl has a birthday

My little baby is no longer a baby. She turned 2 on Friday and I really can't believe how fast time has flied. She is just as difficult as she ever was, perhaps even more so. She barely has any attention span - except when she is doing something naughty. She's constantly testing us and challenging us. I'd say she was in her terrible twos, if it wasn't by the fact that she's always been the same. She's a happy child, however, with a good sense of fun. Lately she's been terribly attached to me, can only go to sleep with me and wakes up if I'm not in the bed with her. She's not always sleeping through the night, but usually she goes back to sleep pretty easily. We are still all co-sleeping.


My little butterfly




Her cake was white cake with strawberries and cream from Safeway, not half bad. She did not blow on her candles, but her friend Gregory was more than happy to do it for her.


The two girls have the time of their lives playing together


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Of dresses and castles

Michaela is more incredible every day - more intelligent, more curious, more difficult. And yet we can't think of any Michaela anecdotes as we speak. Oh well, next time. Meanwhile here are some pictures

Mika in a new dress

Grandma got her the most beautiful party dress, and she loves wearing. I'm trying hard to find some party for her to wear it at.

Mika in her new dress


For her birthday Camila got a Barbie "My size castle" to share with her sister. It's a combination play house and Barbie doll house, and so far it's proved pretty popular.

Mika in her castle

Mike loves reading to his girls

reading with dad

And they all love having fun together


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January 3, 2007

Mika's wisdom

She comes and shows me an empty bottle of shampoo (which I suspect she emptied but that's another matter). She tells me "look it's empty" and I go "throw it away". And she says "I'm not going to throw it away, I'm going to play with it. It's like recycling. I'm going to make it into something new". And there she is now, playing with the bottle and Camila.

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