December 9, 2006

A bonanza of old pictures















No doubt as to her father is

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December 8, 2006

Finally some pictures!


What can I say? Camila is the cutest girl in the world!


She likes to pose as well


She is a copy cat, daddy reads on the couch, she reads on the couch.


Mommy reads the Wall Street Journal in the bathroom, so does she.


And here for something completely different is our Xmas tree.

As for Camila, she is truly amazing. She is a complete copycat and does everything we do. She loves to climb, and will climb into everything she can - including the cat tree from where she jumps to the couch. My heart stops. She is saying tons of words and even short sentences. Since she came back from LA she's been very clingy, and wakes me up multiple times so she can sleep in my arms. She does move all over the bed during the night. She is also a whiner, and whines whenever she can't get her way. She gets into everything and wants to grab everything, you can't leave her alone for a minute. She is very happy, though (except when she's whining) and only cries when she's hurt or tired. Bringing her home in the stroller is a pain in the butt, however, because she constantly tries to get out of the stroller - and then refuses to walk. She is lovely, however, and very affectionate, giving us hugs and kisses all the time. She loves horseplay. She loves to play with babies and with her sister.

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Still no pictures

But I should say how wonderful Mika is.

Today when Camila pooped, she took off her diaper, put her in the toilet (where Camila finished pooping) and then cleaned her up.

She takes care of Camila quite well, looking after her, getting her away from trouble (and letting me know when she's doing something dangerous), playing with her, etc. She loves her a lot, and hugs her and kisses her often. Camila reciprocates, she adores Mika and does everything Mika does.

She still loves dressing up and changing her clothing all the time. She also loves the Simpsons and, of course, princesses and ballerinas. She is extremely curious and asks about everything she hears. I've had a difficult time explaining why Jeanne Kirkpatrick, who died today, was a bad person. And her reasoning powers are, of course, amazing, though I can't think of any examples right now.

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