September 10, 2006

Camila is smart

I've suspected that Camila would be smart pretty much since she was born. I'm not particularly sure why, perhaps it was instict, but she's confirming it every day. Tonight she didn't want to go to sleep. She tossed and turned on the bed and finally she got up. I turned off all the lights in the house saved for the one in the hallway. So what did she do? She went to the dark living room, got the Indonesian stool (which is about half her height and made of wood - the tallest short stool we have) and brought it all the way to our bedroom. She positioned it underneath the light switched and then climbed on it to turn the light on. She was very proud of herself.

The degree of abstract thought she needed to formulate that plan is outstanding. OK, maybe not, it's the kind of thing that chimps would do - but it's pretty smart anyway.

The fact is, she can pretty much figure out how to get anywhere. Her vocabulary is increasing very fast. Her favorite word lately - save for "shoes" - is "outside", which she pronounces very well. She also says "up" and "down" very clearly, as well as "cat", "duck", "agua", "molk" (milk) and many other words I can't remember. She repeats words like a parrot, so sometimes I'm not sure if she knows a word or is just repeating it. If we don't understand her, she takes us by the finger to wherever or whatever she wants.

She nods yes and no but I'm not sure she really distinguishes them. She loves to laugh, often copying laughter, and she does everything her sister does. Mika has turned to lowering her head, pouting and going away when she doesn't get what she wants - and today Camila imitated her when I told her she had to share a toy. Too cute.

Camila is in the not-sharing stage, pretty much like her older sister. But she will share sometimes for the emotional reward. The girls play very well together (until they fight) and Mika takes good care of her little sister.

Camila calls herself "baby" or "bebe", at least that's what she does when she sees her picture, though of course she calls other babies the same.

She's a sweetie pie and I only wish I was a better mother to her.

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