August 31, 2006

Camila at 19 1/2 months

I never write much about my little girls but I really should. They are truly amazing human beings.

As I've mentioned before Camila likes danger. She climbs everywhere: chairs, tables, the cat tree (though she can't make it to the top unaided yet, only to the third step), the george foreman grill on top of the table, counters, etc. etc.). She knows how to push a stool to get to a chair to get to a table to get to a counter. She likes to climb to her high chair and will insist in getting into her stroller by herself - she has been known to fall out in the way out however.

Her language is developing and she now has a large vocabulary beyond "shoes," though that continues to be her favorite word and her favorite item. She can count to three, she loves the ABC song and can kind of sing along while making random hand (sign language) signs. She knows her facial features and she knows who she is, though she tends to call herself either "baby" or "billa" the name Rosemarie has given her (from 'bebilla' or "bambila"). Still, her preferred way of making herself understood is by pointing and going "aaaah, aaah, aaaah" with the most annoying voice possible. She's always been unusually loud since she was born.

She loves to be pushed in her little car and, of course, to push her stroller and other things. She loves to play with babies, to draw and paint, to dance. She is very coquetish and will twirl whenever you put a dress or something cute on her - she really likes dresses. She hates getting changed or getting dressed by me, apparently she has no problems letting Mica doing it.

I think she understands pretty much everything we say, and she can follow instructions when she wants to - she often doesn't. She is still very much of a mashmellow but she doesn't like snuggling with me :( She'll do it with her dad more often, and with Mica and Rosemarie even more often.

She loves to play with her friends and can be kept quiet and occupied as long as she is in a new environment, there are lots of things to explore and/or there are new kids. At home, however, she can get very whiny. She plays quite well with her sister, but she does have a tendency of grabbing things she shouldn't, and thus gets scolded a lot and cries. She is also pretty needy - or perhaps I'm just neglectful and used to a 4-yo. She is quite self-sufficient come to think about it.

She looks just like her dad, she has his nose, his hair, though my small mouth and double chin. His cheeks.

Lately she's been having problems sleeping, waking up several times at night. She's now going to sleep with a water bottle though at some point I should end that. I kept Mika in the bottle until she was 2 1/2 so it's hard :(

Anyway, that's Camila.

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August 30, 2006

Did we mention she's fearless and gets into everything?







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August 6, 2006

Mika on a boat

Our friend turned 40 recently (shhhhh) and to celebrate she rented a boat for a 3 hour cruise around the bay (OK, 2 1/2 hours, but 3 sounds more gilliganish). We took Mika who had a lot of fun. Her little friend is Amara, the daughter of another friend. Here are some pictures:





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Salta, salta, pequeña langosta

My brother has put a link to a video of Camila & Nikki jumping at

And here is a video of Camila in early May.

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August 5, 2006

Also at nonos'

Who's the princess?

Michaela had a little breakdown on Friday, she missed mommy (not daddy) too much.

Cousins love each other

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More pictures at the Nono's

Camila & Nikki
Camila & Nikki

Camila, Nikki & Kathy

As they say, there are loves that kill

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August 1, 2006

Camila and Nikki

Here are some pictures from Nikki's blog. Camila spent a couple of days with her nonos & her cousin Nikki a couple of weeks ago.

Camila going up a slide
Camila & Nikki playing at the mall

She looks so cute with pony tails

Camila likes to eat, Nikki not so much

But they both like to dance

Camila looks like her dad

But she's a cutie pie

With Alice, my 88-yo aunt's doll from when she was a little girl

Two blondies

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