July 28, 2006

And finally

Daddy is unning for School Board and you can see a very nice picture of him and the girls at his campaign website.

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Ballerina girl

Yesterday I went to Cherrytown Kids, a local new & used kids clothing store, to get some robeez for Camila. She loves shoes - that was one of her first words - but she can't stand having them on. So her feet are always dirty and I'm always afraid that she'll hurt herself. So I've decided to go back to using robeez. So far, so good, she's been keeping them on.

But when I went to get them, Mika wanted to go with me. And then she wanted me to buy her something. And that something ended up being a ballerina costume. I didn't want to. I really tried not to. But... I have no will power. On my defense, this costume was an actual leotard with a skirt attached to it, and it's 5-6, so if she ever goes back to taking dance she could actually wear it. But yes, I suck.

Anyway, here is my ballerina:


Mika not only dressed herself, but dressed her little sister. Camila is very coquetish and was very eager to show me how cute she looked.


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Funny pictures

Someone asked me to put some funny pictures of Camila. Well, here are some:



Rubbing her cheek
Every time I put some lotion, soap or really any creamy substance on me or the girls, Camila insists that I give her some. Then she rubs it on her right cheek. She must have the cleanest, softest and most sun-screened right cheek in the world.

Looks like daddy

If anyone ever doubts she's her daddy's daughter, I think this picture settles it forever.

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My Camichan

Camila & daddy
Camila & Daddy @ Rosemaries

lots of wind
What's with the wind?

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Lola takes on Mika

Mika & chick

Mika & chick redux
Rosemarie got a new chick, Mika loves it

Our little princess

can be very angry when you try to take her picture

bubble girl
But she loves bubbles

little elf
And she can be a cute elf

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July 25, 2006

Mika's song

My 4-year old is already making up songs already. This is one she just sang to me to the tune of "Are you sleeping, brother John".

The whole world is burning
The whole world is burning
to us all
to us all
All the meteorites
All the meteorites
are here
are here.

Yes, I do question her father's decision of letting her watch "Dinosaur"

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Camping, messy, and danger







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July 24, 2006

Camping and County Fair



KC and the Sunshine Band

Watching KC and the Sunshine Band



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July 22, 2006

Camila's Stats

I took Camila to the doctor for her 18-month checkup.

She is 32" high, weighs 24lbs 2 oz and has a head circurference of 47 cm (I imagine). That puts her just slightly above average for height, average for weight and having a big head. In other words, she's perfect.

She got a vaccine (or rather two combined into a shot) and she reacted quite well.

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July 21, 2006

At Zocalo

Tim from Zocalo took this picture of the girls at, you guessed it, Zocalo. Mika did all the drawings. She's really into drawing human figures now, parents & friends. Sometimes she starts by drawing the person she wants, others she makes a figure and then assigns them a personna. Lately she's been drawing pictures of mommys with babies inside.


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