December 3, 2005

Holiday Fun with Mika

Mika sometimes amazes us with her confidence and, well, chutzpah. Recently, she observed a number of older children who were singing songs into a microphone at a radio station booth at a local holiday event. Mika got closer, saw what was happening, and then got into the line so that she would have an opportunity to sing. Note that she did this without consulting her parents. When the kid next to her finished, she asked for the microphone and sung her song. We don't know what it was, but it seemed to be made up. Her performance had her parents bursting with pride.

And I want.....

I don't want to hang it on the tree. I want to take it home.

It's much easier to jump when you hold onto the net.

I made up the song myself.

I think this one is a little big for me.

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