October 19, 2005

Camila at 9 months

Camila is now 9 months old. She is extremely cute and people are constantly stopping us to tell me so. She's learned how to wave, and does so in a vey feminine, dainty way, both when people wave at her or when they say hello or goodbye. It's super cute. She's also clapping, both to celebrate her achievements, to congratulate herself or others, or to music. She loves to bounce and physical games, and is crawling all over the place. She loves to see pictures of herself and is stating to say mamamama - not sure if she does mean 'mama', though. She had a fever earlier in the week and we've had a few hellish nights with her waking up every few hours. Hopefully it'll be better tonight.

Here she is clapping

Sometimes it's hard to take close ups of her, as when she sees me with the camera she starts crawling my way to pull the chord.

She loves the taste of keys in her mouth

Toys R Us was having a sale on Little Tykes toys, so we got her this kitchen, which she loves

Another favorite toy is this piano which Mika got for her 1st birthday. She loves to seat and play (she's a smart girl)

But her daddy is her favorite toy.

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October 14, 2005

My two cutie pies

It's amazing how much Camila has developed in the last few weeks. She is now crawling all over the place, cruising around, letting go (to promptly fall) and even giving a step or so on her own. She's also much more engaged with the world, and generally happier. She started going to daycare one morning a week and she loves it! She's eating solids quite well, though she hates the mashed stuff. She'll eat pretty much anything with texture, though. She has started waving (or rather, holding up her hand to say "hello") and loves to greet us by smiling, holding up her arms and bouncing. She's a little "Tigger."

Michaela, meanwhile, alternates between being brillant, charming and sweet and a complete challenge. Lately she doesn't want to be home - whenever we go to a playdate or anywhere she insists on remaing there.

Our two girls at a rest stop in the way to LA

Don't they look alike?

and just like Mika

she loves the wind


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October 3, 2005

Baseball and Halloween Costume

Look! I got a postcard!

Hey! Why are you taking so long? [Mika heckles the opposing team.]

Let's go (to) Oakland!

Mmmmm....ice cream

I'm dreaming about Where the Wild Things Are

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The Quotable Mika

Mika: I squeezed the snail shell.

Dad: Where is it?

Mika: Everywhere.

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