August 29, 2005

Mika Tikka

Mika continues to amaze us with her logic and use of language. Her command of the English subjunctive is quite remarkable. And yet, she is not always very aware of the meaning of language. Yesterday when I got off the shower she called me a stupid girl, I asked her why she thought I was stupid, and she said because I didn't have any clothing on. I asked her what it meant to be stupid and she said it meant to not have clothing on - and yet, I asked her if she was stupid as she was also on her underwear, but she said she wasn't, and quicklychanged the subject.

She's adjusted very well to her new "school", though she still has transition issues.



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The Two Sisters

Camila LOVES Michaela, she's always atune to everything Michaela is doing and never laughs as much as when she sees Mika doing something funny. Michaela likes that attention *sometimes*, and is starting to be more interested in her little sister.



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Sitting, eating and playing

Camila is growing up quickly. She is now seating on her own, though only sporadically. She's still trying to crawl but hasn't figured out how to move both her legs and arms together. She now responds to her name (as opposed to other names) and continues to delight people by looking at them and smiling. She likes to look at her hands and chew on her feet. She's eating cheerios like crazy and has tried other veggies & food - she prefers those with interesting textures. In the last couple of days she has been sleeping very badly - both at night and during the day, skipping all afternoon naps and then waking up every hour or so after I put her down. She has a runny nose so that may be why.





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August 25, 2005

Camila waking up

I'm amazed at just how cute Camila is - specially when she just wakes up, starts crawling out of her bed, and is all happy and smily. She's still not crawling per se, but she can now sit quite well. Yesterday she actually sat up by herself, we didn't see her but she probably used the archs of her play gym for help. She likes to listen to music and will follow the beat with her legs - kicking when the music is playing, stopping when the music stops.





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August 24, 2005

Camila is growing up

No pictures right now but a little bit of an update.

She's now 7-months old and finally starting to eat solids. Apparently the problem is that she doesn't like purees or things that are too soft - those she pushes out of her mouth. But she does like cheerios a lot, as well as teething cookies and paper. I have given her also small pieces of cooked carrots which she ate, but she wasn't enthusiastic about the broccoli.

She's not an easy child, she requires constant stimulation and gets bored easily. She does enjoy new people and new experiences, so in general she's easier to deal with outside, but she's never content to just seat there. The process of constantly stimulating her is very tiring.

She loves to play with toys, rattles, things that she can hold, and she actually spends several minutes a day making happy sounds at her reflection on the mirror. She likes squeeky toys, and toys she can bite or move around and anything she can put in her mouth. She likes physical play but mostly loves having Mika jump around her and having her manhandle her. She laughs and laughs at Mika with so much glee.

She is working hard on crawling but is not there yet. She can now stay sitting down without help, but has not started to sit up on her own. She likes to reach out and pick up or drop anything she can. She likes books, but mostly to eat them, she doesn't seem to be that interested in hearing them. She loves keys (of course).

She is unbelievably cute :)

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August 21, 2005

Brunch and Zucchini Festival


This slide is a bit steeper than I thought.

This may just be the slowest swing ever.

I can do this better than most bigger kids.

Let's spin really fast!

Check out my ride.

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Grabbing everything

Camila has her hands everywhere and into everything. It is nearly impossible to hold her and be in the vicinity of anything else, except toys. Of course, if she can grab it, it's a toy.

I'm getting the hang of this.

Give me the camera!

But I need a knife and a fork to bang on the glass table.

One napkin tastes great but two are better.

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August 20, 2005

The Quotable Mika - Aug. 20, 2005

"I want to take my cereal box to the Zucchini Festival."

Later: "I forgot my cereal box."

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August 14, 2005

So close to crawling

See, I still don't have any teeth.

I'm much happier now than I was a few weeks ago.

I am closer than I appear.

If only I could get ahold of that cute baby.

Agent Camila reporting for duty.

Will someone please wipe off this drool?

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At the park, the baseball game, and museum

I love hanging around at the playground.

For me, baseball means cracker jacks and peanuts!

I want to run around over there.

The fireworks were pretty, but they were too loud for me.

Twinkle, twinkle little star....

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August 13, 2005

The quotable Mika

Here are some choice quotes from our drive home today:

Dad: Why are you kicking the back of my seat?
Mika: I'm exercising.

Mom: Ouch.
Mika: What's wrong?
Mom: I turned to look at you and got a pain in my neck.
Mika: Then don't look at me.

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August 8, 2005

Camila is a cuty pie






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Changing Every Day

Camila is a difficult baby and I am amazed at how well Margarita deals with such a difficult baby. Camila requires constant attention and even with constant attention, she often cries or complains. She barely naps during the day and when she does, it's often for just minutes at a time. I'm hoping that this is temporary thing as she is so close to crawling. Camila is definitely a more difficult baby than Mika, though I'm sure I don't recall all the difficulties with Mika. What I do know is that her mother is amazing and we're all lucky that she puts up with us.




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August 7, 2005

Indian Dancing, Backyard Fun and Thomas the Train

I love to watch Indian dancing at the library.

Is that a monster down there?

I love getting my hand or face painted.

I can jump very high!

Why do all these people need to be here?

I'm the conductor of Thomas!

It was I climbed it.

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