August 20, 2007

Mika as a baby

I didn't really keep baby albums for my two kids - this place sort of makes up for that - but when Mika was a baby my mother sort of started one for her. She didn't write much, but the kids got into it and destroyed the little that was there. So I figured I'd copy it here so it can remain for posterity (or at least until the server crashes).

Your first babysitters were Joy & Doug

Strangers who stopped to admire you said these things about you:

"she looks like the gerber baby"
"she's the cutest baby I ever saw"
"she's so big"

Your very first baby was at 3 weeks bathed by daddy

You loved this new sensation

Once you got used to them baths usually made you feel relaxed and playful.

you would not, could not go to bed, without your bottle and company

Your first summer holiday was 4th of July celebrated at Joy's house

Autumn holidays: halloween and thanksgiving

Winter holidays: Xmas and New Years

Ninth months check-up: crawled all over the office, cried at the vaccines

You discovered your hands at two months

You discovered your feet at 5 months

You found the comfort of your thumbs or pacifier all by yourself: at 4 months you left the pacifier and put your hand in your mouth.

you first grabbed for a toy around 5 months old.

You were so busy learning about the world! Your other discoveries:

How to move pushing with your legs (5 months)
how to turn around (5 months)
to smile (3 months)
play with toys (5 months)

You began eating solid food at 5 months

The baby foods you most enjoy were: you were indifferent to carrots, apple and rice.

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