August 1, 2007

Mi Mika

Mika continues having transition problems, coming back from nona's house was painful. She spent a good 20 minutes crying for kathy ("my real mamá") before falling asleep on the way back. She does miss Kathy terribly, specially when she's in trouble and/or tired. I'm glad she has another adult she can be so close to.

I think she grows more beautiful every day - but of course, I'm biased. Today we went to get her hearing tested, as with Camila, because she's been complaining she can't hear in her right ear. She failed the test as well, so we're also waiting for a referral for an ear doctor.

She continues to surprise me with the amount of knowledge she has, and her wide interest in the world. She asks "why" a lot, but she really seems to process the information.

Unfortunately, she's heard a lot about Jesus Christ from her friend Sadie and I'm still trying to explain to her about gods and teachers and death. I'm not sure if the information is sinking in, but she's very curious.

Making a "chanchito face"

mika like a chanchito

Isn't she gorgeous?



Saying goodbye to Kathy and nono

hugging kathy


My mother bought her a bunch of beautiful, fancy dresses, she has nowhere to wear. Please do not buy her any more dresses! They are beautiful and she looks darling, but what am I to do with them?

mika in her new dress

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