August 1, 2007

Mi Camila

Camila and Mika just spent two weeks with their maternal grandparents down in LA. They had a wonderful time, and I missed them terribly. They are back home now and back to their usual selves.

Camila continues to be a handful. She loves to play with water (and toothbrushes) and makes a huge mess in the bathroom. She continues to have problems articulating words, I just took her to the Dr. and she failed the hearing test on her right year. Now I'll have to wait weeks for referrals to an ear doctor and a speech therapist. *sigh* She is very affectionate and loves to hug me a lot. She loves to play monster (or dinosaur), coming after me with her hands extended, her hands looking like claws and going "aarrgh". She still loves horseplay.

Who is the cutest girl in the world?

camila smiles.jpg

Saying goodbye to Kathy

camila with kathy

She often has a sad face

camila sitting.jpg

Daddy took them to the aquatic park while I was out for tea.

camila on a beach towell.jpg

camila running.jpg


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