July 8, 2007

the butterflies are my girlfriend and the circles are my boyfriends

She pastes a sticker page, in which all the round stickers have been removed, into a blank page. then she draws half circles and half butterflies inside them. She tells me that the circles are her boyfriends and the butterflies her girlfriends. The fat butterfly is tía, as she wants it to look like real life (I ask her how about mommy, "moooom, I haven't drawn you yet"). then she comes and shows them to me. Guess which half I'm going to invite to my birthday party. I guess the butterflies. I'm right, she wants an all girl party.

Monster Camila meanwhiles comes after her "aaahghmm". They are in the bedroom. Laughing.

Yesterday we went to my friend Andrew's and Laura's for dinner. I've known them since college. the girls played beautifully with their 4 and 2yo. I was particularly impressed how well Camila played with Sara, the 2 yo. They pretty much aged segregated most of the evening. My little girl is growing up.

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