February 16, 2007

Camila growing up

Camila is 25 months and as difficult as ever. But she's a lovely little girl, who is very loving two. She loves to give hugs and kisses, to be held, and to use mommy to reach things. She plays with her sister a lot, and gets into trouble. She loves to go the bathroom and play with the water from the sink (she can reach it by standing on the toilet). She continues to love wet wipes. She is saying tons of words and complete sentences, though her pronunciation is not very good. She understands both English and Spanish perfectly, but only speaks in English. She is very smart and can pretty much reach anywhere and climb anything. She is still very much attached to me, needs me to put her to sleep and continues to wake up and need mommy in the middle of the night - not great for my sleep.

She has a big mouth


The other day we went to Yerba Buena Gardens. Camila like the Merry-go-round, but not the up and down movement of the horse.


Slowly but surely Camila is potty training herself. About half to two thirds of the time she tells us when she needs to go to the potty - though she also likes to go when someone else is going.
She is not ready for panties, however, and we've had to throw one pair away.


And can be very whiny


And had a good time at the spaghetti feed


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