December 8, 2006

Still no pictures

But I should say how wonderful Mika is.

Today when Camila pooped, she took off her diaper, put her in the toilet (where Camila finished pooping) and then cleaned her up.

She takes care of Camila quite well, looking after her, getting her away from trouble (and letting me know when she's doing something dangerous), playing with her, etc. She loves her a lot, and hugs her and kisses her often. Camila reciprocates, she adores Mika and does everything Mika does.

She still loves dressing up and changing her clothing all the time. She also loves the Simpsons and, of course, princesses and ballerinas. She is extremely curious and asks about everything she hears. I've had a difficult time explaining why Jeanne Kirkpatrick, who died today, was a bad person. And her reasoning powers are, of course, amazing, though I can't think of any examples right now.

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