June 21, 2006

17 months

Camila is already 17 months. She doesn't talk much, but she prefers words with the sound "sh", "shoes", "shake" (she shakes her booty to the sound of the song). She communicates by pointing at what she was and saying "ma ma". When she really wants something she also waves her hand from side to side. She will also take you by the hand to what she wants. She understands pretty much everything both in English and Spanish. In particular, she likes putting on her shoes (and taking them off).

She loves to dance, run and climb, no table or shelf is safe since she figured out how to push stools and chairs to get wherever she can't reach. She continues to be very demanding, she grows bored quickly and is in constant need of stimulation. She's no longer nursing, which has made sleeping time more difficult. She loves the water, can get into and out of the bathtub by herself.

She loves bellybuttons, will laugh outloud putting her finger into yours. She is very affectionate and gives (and blows) kisses and hugs. She's extremely huggable. Here are some pictures:

She loves to paint

and she is her best canvass

Sometimes she loves food

and sometimes she doesn't

And she loves getting on my chair, pressing my keyboard or trying to climb on my desk

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