June 21, 2006

A grown, happy girl

What can one say about a happy, wise and yet extremely active 4 year old? She amazes us every day as much as she challenges us. She loves to play with anything forbidden. I just had to take a cleaner away from her because she was using it to clean the walls and floor in her room. She loves to get into creams and other cosmetics and rub them all over herself. She loves make up, dressing up and making her own combinations. She's still "Sleeping Beauty" and into princesses, but not as much as before. She is active, likes to climb and jump, but a bit more fearful than in the past. She is very, very messy.

She is going through a phase in which she's having problems with transitions. She never wants to go, change conditions. Getting her out of the house (or back in) is always a struggle. She is very nice and loving, a big giver of hugs and 'I love yous.' Her emotional intelligence and ability to manage my own emotionality are amazing. Recently she told me she didn't like how Mike and I fought because we didn't apologize at the end of fights.

Here are some pictures:

She loves to climb onto the cat tree and pet the cats. Syria is a sweetie and lets her, Jordan doesn't like to be bothered as much. Mika also likes to jump into the couch from up in the tree.

Mika and Camila play a lot together, specially with water.

She likes to pose, but alas, she'll then give us that fake smile

It's wonderful how affectionate 4-year-olds are

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