November 18, 2005


Michaela has been in a fury of mischief for the last week or so. Some of her travesuras have been documented like when I hear her little voice calling me from somewhere far in the house and I find her in the drier:


Or when I hear "crunch, crunch" come from the kitchen and I find my baby sitting on a sea of cheerios. Yep, Mika got them for her:


Others have not been chronicled by pictures, but are even worse. Tuesday night we were babysitting her friend N. and made the huge mistake of leaving them alone in her room. When we dropped N. back home his mom noticed his breath smelled like toothpaste - we go on to find that Mika and N. had emptied out the whole tube of toothpaste and smeared it on the back of her desk.

I should have learned my lesson, but I didn't, as yesterday she had a playdate with her friend K. - apparently the toothpaste event had been fun enough that she decided to repeat it, this time by emptying my contact lense solution, the kids shampoo and the soap all on her desk. I'm seriously considering removing that desk from her room. Meanwhile we're putting all the cosmetics in the high-high shelf.

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