September 22, 2005

Crawling & playing!

Today Camila took her first "crawling steps", using a real crawling position. She's been army-crawling for over a month, and had tried very hard the arms/legs thing, but had previously been unable to coordinate both. Today she did it for only a couple of steps. Her interest on crawling had wane lately, since she learned how to stand up a couple of weeks ago. All she wants to do is stand and will use anything for leverage. She also wants to climb, but hasn't figured out how to climb anything beyond our bodies.

Camila is much easier now than she was even a month ago. She wakes up happy and ready to play, and can entertain herself for minutes at the time. She does have a horribly habit of waking up very early (5:30 AM, this morning) and multiple times at night. Everyday she's cuter, which is difficult to believe.


My little girl crawling


She entertained herself for quite a while playing with her sister's playhouse


And she's discovered our antique Chinese chest, Mika's favorite toy since she was a baby.


She really liked the tamboreen that her aunt sent her

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