August 24, 2005

Camila is growing up

No pictures right now but a little bit of an update.

She's now 7-months old and finally starting to eat solids. Apparently the problem is that she doesn't like purees or things that are too soft - those she pushes out of her mouth. But she does like cheerios a lot, as well as teething cookies and paper. I have given her also small pieces of cooked carrots which she ate, but she wasn't enthusiastic about the broccoli.

She's not an easy child, she requires constant stimulation and gets bored easily. She does enjoy new people and new experiences, so in general she's easier to deal with outside, but she's never content to just seat there. The process of constantly stimulating her is very tiring.

She loves to play with toys, rattles, things that she can hold, and she actually spends several minutes a day making happy sounds at her reflection on the mirror. She likes squeeky toys, and toys she can bite or move around and anything she can put in her mouth. She likes physical play but mostly loves having Mika jump around her and having her manhandle her. She laughs and laughs at Mika with so much glee.

She is working hard on crawling but is not there yet. She can now stay sitting down without help, but has not started to sit up on her own. She likes to reach out and pick up or drop anything she can. She likes books, but mostly to eat them, she doesn't seem to be that interested in hearing them. She loves keys (of course).

She is unbelievably cute :)

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