July 20, 2005

Camila gets around

Camila is now 6 months old. In the last few days she's been pretty cranky, complaining and even crying every few minutes. Might be teething, but we're not sure. She's a little bit better today, but it took me an hour to put her down for a ten minute nap - I suspect she'll be grumpy again soon.

Camila hasn't been very interested on eating baby food, but she's certainly into what everyone else is eating. She also grabbing *everything* that comes within her reaches. So the other day we went to an Afghani restaurant, and she had to try the bread.



She doesn't live on bread alone, spoons and cameras are desirable objects as well




Afterwards we went to the park, Camila is already old enough to go into the swings, for a little while at least:


She spends a lot of time on her office, eating of course:



She really would like to crawl, though she's still far from there. But she does make an effort and manages to move herself around.


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