April 21, 2005

Park & Home

Tuesday Camila turned 3 months old, it's amazing how fast time goes by. She's huge, loves to "talk", is nursing well and sucking on her fist. She likes to be held and be able to see the world outside her, she's mostly awake during the day but is starting to sleep better at night. That day I had a class and Mike took the girls to the park.

Daddy, make me feel better


Wednesday (4/20) daddy and Camila played at home

Today (4/21) the two of them drove me crazy. Mika, as usual, got into all sorts of trouble while I was busy with Camila. The swing where Camila takes most of her naps ran out of batteries so we had to push it (but that wasn't good enough for Camila).

She pushed the stool, somehow climbed onto it and got the candy jar. Then she called me to get her down - and to open the jar!

Do my little girls look alike? Mika was 4 months old in the picture. The onesie Camila is wearing was painted by daddy.

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